DIY Photo Flapbook

DIY Photo flap book by Little Button Diaries

Grayson’s favourite toy at the moment is the wooden picture puzzle I made for Harper a few years ago. He drags it around the house so we sit down and do it with him. Anyway, we took the kids camping over the long weekend, so I decided to make a portable version to give him something to play with during the six-hour car journey!

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Kids Project: Button Mosaic Turtle

button mosaic turtle little button diaries

This little fella would be very happily hang in a little one’s bedroom. He’s super easy to make with the help of some air dry clay and a handful of coloured buttons. Hop over to Hobbycraft to see our blog post on how to make him. Complete with template and video tutorial!


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Some Little Fat Robin Christmas Decorations

I’m having a bit of an air-dry clay obsession at the moment, and this week I made some little Christmas decorations for my tree. They didn’t come out exactly as I planned them in my head… but I thought I’d share anyway as the quirky homemade decorations are always nicer than the bought ones. Right?!

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