No Bake Easter Slab

easter slab

I am such a sucker for seasonal chocolates. As soon as I see them on the shelves I’m filling my trolley with them. I had got quite an Easter collection already, so thought the best place for them would be in a big old slab of more chocolate. This is a no bake, rocky road type of treat with a lot of Easter goodness on top.

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Quick & Easy Coconut Bites

easy gluten free healthy no bake coconut bites

I discovered something amazing yesterday: a healthy snack that was so yummy my kids chose it over a biscuit. That’s never happened before, and probably won’t again. Maybe the biscuits had gone stale or something, but I’m going with option A. With a bit of inspiration from this recipe I stumbled upon these little nuggets of love: nutritious, really quick to make and yummy. And gluten free too. Here’s how to make 16 coconut bites.

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White Chocolate Malteser Slice

malteser slice 10

I saw a yummy recipe for Maltester Slice over on the beautiful Bake Play Smile blog. I love maltesers. I love white chocolate. And I love things that don’t need baking, because Amelie can help with the whole process. It was my lovely friend Alice’s birthday at the weekend so I thought I’d make these to take to her party (otherwise I would eat them all at super speed in a bid to just “get them gone so I can start eating healthy”. Is that just me?)

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No Bake Oreo Squares

no bake oreo squares

It was our nursery’s fete last week and after promising to turn up with baked goodies for the cake stall, our oven broke, so I had to turn to a no-bake option to avoid arriving empty-handed! These no bake squares are perfect for cake sales and school fetes, and are simple enough for a child to help with the mixing, decorating and, of course, nibbling.

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No Bake Coconut Ice Squares

no bake coconut ice little button diaries

I love coconut ice, it reminds me of my childhood and I’m not proud to say I can eat a whole block of it in one go. In fact that is exactly what I was doing when I pondered the idea of making it myself. After a bit of googling I found a recipe on BBC Good Food (click here to view) and realised that it was in fact astonishingly easy and only requires 4 ingredients. Hooray!

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