Fabric Kite Tutorial

fabric kite tutorail by Little Button Diaries

How pretty is this beach hut fabric (available in store) by Cath Kidston? We used it in our latest collaboration with them to make this pretty kite for their blog. It makes a great addition to a lonely bedroom wall, or you could even try and fly it (don’t try too hard, it’s better at being pretty than soaring through the skies!). Head over to Cath Kidston to see how to make your own.

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How to Make a Toddler Play Apron

toddler play apron

Now our Little Buttons are getting older, their playtime is often a lot messier than before. Finger painting, play dough and good old flour and water all take their toll on their nice clean clothes (and our clothes, and the carpets, and the cats…). So in a bid to save our washing machine from breaking down, we thought we’d try covering up their clothes with this toddler play apron.

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