Nap Time Crafts: Sun Print Notebook

sunprint card tutorial

Before the summer is out I wanted to try making something with sunography paper. This is paper that is bleached in the sun and leaves a print of what you placed on top. I decided to rope my Little Button and her Grandpa in for this craft project and turn the results into a ‘back to school’-style notebook that would remind me of summer.

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Life in Pictures

little button diaries

Life in Pictures is our weekly mini-gallery of what our Little Buttons have been up to over the last seven days.


How to Make an A-Frame Play Fort


When I visit my parents-in-law I’m very lucky to have a willing father-in-law and the use of a shed full of tools, so I like to get my woodwork on. Just in time for the arrival of some good weather (hopefully), we made an A-Frame play fort on my last visit. This fort works well for shading Little Buttons in the garden or for a rainy day indoor tent.

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