What’s In Our Bags?

asda jeans life in pictures 12

Hands up who’s nosey like we are and always want to know what other mums have stashed away in their bags? We alway thinks that other mums must have some secret gem of a tantrum tamer in the depths of their rucksacks or a magical wand to entertain everyone effortlessly.

Besides the receipts, rice cake crumbs and a stack of broken pencils we lug around (as well as about 15 lip balms…) we also have some bag essentials that we thought we’d share with you guys! As you never know one of the things might work as a magic wand on your tots!

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We Are Bad Mums

harper and amelie crying

Yep. That’s right. We’re bad mums. Rubbish mums. Every day is a mystery, we have no clue what we’re doing 70% of the time and not a single day goes past when we don’t think we’ve handled a situation terribly, felt guilty about something or just decided we suck at this.

We’re writing this at 11.11pm and it’s probably the huge amount of pic ‘n’ mix we’ve just eaten but we wanted to write this down because we probably aren’t alone in feeling like bad mothers. So we’re sharing our thoughts and we’re saying its okay to feel like you are rubbish at this sometimes.

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