Party Bow Hair Clips


We thought we’d share with you how to make some easy peasy bow hair clips for you or your little ones seen as it is PARTY season! Having said that, we’re going to precisely zero parties. So… we’ll just have to wear them in the bath or something. Our kids have parties though! All under 5, all more popular than us. Life. These will take you about 10 minutes to make – super quick!

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Life In Pictures

Life in Pictures is our mini photo gallery of all the things we’ve been up to in the week. This week we’ve been putting on our party hats and celebrating friend’s birthdays (luckily there was sunshine and cake!) More importantly though, it was a big one for us as Tia moved house, meaning that we are no longer one road away from one another. Sniff. So sad about that fact :-(. The week has been filled up with packing up boxes, unpacking boxes and then stuffing boxes into the corner to wait a year because we are so over unpacking boxes already! We did get the craft stuff all unpacked though. Phew.

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