Oooh la la: French Knickers Tutorial

french knickers tutorial and pattern little button diaries

I just wanted to share my super easy peasy french knickers pattern with you. Don’t worry, I haven’t put any pictures of me in my pants up. No one wants to see that.

I’ve made a few pairs of these in the past, tried out a few different patterns that I bought and thought I’d tweak my favourites to make my own French Knickers Pattern for you to print out too. Don’t be put off by the fact that the pattern looks more like an elephant’s head than knickers, it’s a lot easier than it looks and will quickly all come together. Honest!

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Musical Toy Elephant


I wanted to make something for the new arrival that might help him sleep (fingers crossed!). When Harper was a baby we had a toy with a musical box inside that seemed to work a treat. That toy became really tatty, so I decided to salvage the musical part of it and make a new one for the baby. This toy could alternatively be turned into a rattle if finding a musical box part is tricky.

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Geometric Baby Quilt

geometric baby quilt tutorial

When I was pregnant, I decided I’d make a quilt for my new Little Button. As I’d never attempted a quilt on this scale before I took to the Internet for help. I knew I wanted to do something modern and gender-neutral and this tutorial was exactly what I had in mind.

I opted for greys and yellows with a black and white polka dot backing because babies love high-contrast fabrics.

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Sparkly Superhero Cape

sparkly superhero cape diy

My Little Button has taken to wearing her bath towel as a superhero cape of late, so I thought I’d make her an actual super ‘H’ cape in case she wanted to practise her superhero skills in public, with clothes on!

You will need:

  • 1/2 metre of fabric for the backing
  • 1/2 metre of fabric for the front
  • Matching felt to the front fabric for the letter

1. Begin by drawing and cutting out the pattern as above. Place the template on folded fabric. The measurements I used for my 18-month-old were 62cm for the total length of the cape and 34cm for the width at the bottom. The cape gradually gets smaller as it goes up towards the neck.

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How to Make a Retro Telephone Soft Toy

retro telephone toy tutorial

My toddler is a little bit obsessed with our retro red telephone at the moment. She wanders over to it, picks up the handset, says ‘hello’ then wanders off. So I thought I’d make a matching telephone toy for her room so she can catch up with all her chums and hopefully leave our real telephone in working order.

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Make a Top from a Bedsheet

make a top tutorial 18

Where I fail at finding jumble sale gems, my mother in law is a pure expert. I’m always envious of the wonderful old treasures she brings home and I’m lucky that she often hunts out beautiful vintage fabrics for me. Its part of the reason I have a sewing pile up to my bum – and I love it. She gave me a beautiful, but torn, 1950’s bed sheet that I’ve been wanting to turn it into something for ages, so I decided to make a top.

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Exciting News & Easter Goodies

how to make your own toy bunny tutorial

We’re really happy to announce that, as of today, we are going to be regular bloggers on the Hobbycraft website! This is so exciting for us as Hobbycraft is our absolute favourite place on the planet (we’ve happily whiled away many a Saturday in there with bored husbands sitting outside!)! The craft superstore have an excellent blog full of different craft tutorials. We will be bringing you monthly craft projects and our first one is this cute Easter bunny rattle. For the full tutorial hop over to Hobbycraft’s site.

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A Little Denim Whale Soft Toy

denim whale upcycled into toy


A few weeks ago we were having a bit of a sort out, and both had a pair of jeans that were ready for the charity shop.

After a Pinterest search we came across this gem of a post by for a denim whale soft toy and we fell in love with it. So we gave it a go. He was fun to make and our toddlers love him (although he’s not as professional looking as the original!). We decided to make a mini rattle whale to go along with the daddy for the baby! This cuddly little creature is whaley easy to make (sorry).

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