Life in Pictures: Rain. Lots of rain!

eastbourne balloon festival 8

Trying hard to think of a way to start this post without sounding like a big dull dudd moaning about the weather. Ummmm. Nope, the weather has been crap and we are moody about it. These pictures aren’t the best, but I am putting them up anyway because they were meant to be sunny lovely! We went to a hot air balloon festival and I had visions of artisicly styled colourful photos and happy picnicky kids. But there were no balloons. Just rain, and wet people, looking for balloons. The face says it all.

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Make your own Daim Bar Bites

daim 1

Since giving birth two weeks ago I’ve been re-learning everything I thought I wouldn’t forget from last time. I remembered that with breast feeding my appetite is through the ROOF. I literally do not get full. I just want to eat all day. Which means I’m probably going to get really huge!

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Rainy Day Play Dough

Apparently, say the little people on TV, its going to rain cats and dogs over the next few days. We with our little buttons don’t like to be stuck indoors (which is why we spend so much time in these cafes!) and we get a bit cabin feverish after a few hours. At 18 months, Amelie is at an age where I sometimes struggle to think of activities in the house that will actually entertain her. And me for that matter.

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