Salted Caramel Chocolate Swirl Cake

salted caramel chocolate cake little button diaries

I know, I know, I had you at salted caramel.

Everybody loves salted caramel. It just hits all the right notes – and its just…caramel…. with a bit of SALT! The logical step is to combine this oozy goodness with chocolate, and then cake, and you have a little piece of heaven on a plate. Or a really big piece, if you like.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade

chocolate and raspberry roulade

This is definitely not the quickest cake in the world, but I’ve never made a swiss roll or roulade before so it was interesting to give it a go. I learned two things, first, there is no butter or oil in roulade (until you ram it full of cream of course!) – there is chocolate in this one, but you can make it without. Secondly, its really easy. Just not so quick. But that might be me.

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Coconut & Raspberry Cake

coconut and raspberry cake little button diaries 7

My littlest button, Lilah, turned into a 1-year-old last week. Insert boring clichés about how time has flew (it really has) and how I’ve loved every minute of her little life so far (night times not so much. She’s nocturnal). Anyway, I had the family coming round to celebrate so I thought I’d make a nice cake. I went for a recipe I found in Peyton & Byrne’s fabulous British Baking Book – it is a recipe for cupcakes so I doubled it, extended the cooking time and added fresh coconut and jam.

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