No Bake Easter Slab

easter slab

I am such a sucker for seasonal chocolates. As soon as I see them on the shelves I’m filling my trolley with them. I had got quite an Easter collection already, so thought the best place for them would be in a big old slab of more chocolate. This is a no bake, rocky road type of treat with a lot of Easter goodness on top.

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Rocky Road Cupcakes

rocky road cupcake recipe

Being pregnant I find myself having sweet cravings a lot of the time. I also find I’m pretty indecisive in choosing what I actually want as a treat. When I couldn’t decide between a rocky road or a cupcake the other day, I thought why choose when you can have both! These chocolate chip cupcakes are topped with vanilla buttercream and a deconstructed rocky road on top. They really do satisfy any sweet craving you have, pregnant or not!

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