Life In Pictures: Royal Pavilion Ice Skating

Royal pavilion ice skating - little button diaries

Last year we thought we’d start a little Christmas tradition of taking the kids ice skating – and it was an utter disaster. The second Harper’s skates touched the ice, she wanted to get off, but we had to complete a lap as you can only go in one direction – and once you’re on, you’re on. She let go of her skating aid, Magnus the Penguin, within seconds, so we were left trying to simply keep her upright and not lose any fingers. So I was understandably apprehensive about trying again this year. Luckily, all she seemed to remember from last year was that she got a gingerbread man in the cafe at the end, so she was up for giving it another whirl.

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The Selfish Giant’s Maze

selfish giant maze

This morning we took a little wander down to the brand new “Selfish Giants Maze” outside the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. With our little buttons we went to get lost inside the Oscar Wilde inspired outdoor labryrinth. It was a boiling hot morning and after an hour of going round in circles we decided to use the map they gave us at the entrance (cheats!)

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