Quick & Easy Fathers Day Mug

sharpie fathers day mug by little button diaries

It’s nearly Father’s Day, which means that hard working mothers everywhere get an extra day of work. Hoorah! So we decided to make a little personalised mug using Sharpie pens. My 4 year old spends every free moment drawing, she loves it. So I was pleased with myself when I had the idea to decorate a mug for her Daddy. He’ll love it, and it only cost £2. Boom!

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Clay Panda Plates

air dry clay panda plates little button diaries

I’m loving pandas right now. I’d quite like to make a panda cushion actually… but perhaps I’m too old to have pandas on my sofa (am I? probably). I’m definitely too old to be wearing anything with pandas on it. So for now I thought I’d stick to a nice pair of clay panda plates to hold trinkets and jewels. These are made from air-dry clay which is so easy to work with and when done right looks just like normal clay. Bear (panda bear) in mind that the clay will take a couple of days to set. It is also not as hardy as real clay and certainly won’t survive any contact with water. I mean, its air-dry… so… that’s obvious, right?!

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Craft Trends: #5 Watercolours

We’re loving the trend for marbling and watercolour at the moment – gone are the associations of pasty landscapes and washed out flowers – watercolour has taken on a vibrant new lease of life. There are lots of tutorials out there showing you how to create watercolour and marble effect cards, fabric and ceramics.

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Make your own Story Stones

story stones tutorial from little button diaries

I have seen a few pins floating by on Pinterest for Story Stones, and I really love the idea of them. A pile of pebbles with pictures, you pick one at a time and invent a little story. And as I live a few minutes walk from a big pebbly beach I decided to make some of my own for Amelie. It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought, I trialled (and error-ed) a few methods, so if you want to make your own you can do it a lot quicker than me! If you don’t have pebbles to hand, you could just as easily make these from card or even bottle tops.

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Nap Time Crafts: Shrinkie Buttons

little button diaries shrink buttons tutorial 13

If you’re making something that requires buttons, but you don’t have anything in your button stash that matches (NB that will never happen to me, I seem to have a huge mason jar full of them. I’m such a hoarder…), maybe you could make a set from shrink plastic. You can match them to whatever you’re making. Here’s how to do it:

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Nap Time Crafts: Guest Blog Post from She’s called Claire

sharpie pen mug diy

We’re really fortunate here at the Little Button Diaries to know some very talented and creative people. So we thought we’d ask some of them to share their own Nap Time Craft.

She’s called Claire is a lifestyle blog written by Claire Culley. Claire lives in Brighton and is also one half of craft hub Super+Super. In her spare time she blogs about fashion, craft, food and more. Without further ado… here she is.

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