A seahorse rattle – our latest Hobbycraft post

seahorse 28

Hello folks. We decided to make a little rattle toy this week (We chose a seahorse. Why not?!). The full tutorial is up on the Hobbycraft blog so pop by there to check out how to make one yourself. Its very easy! Click here to view.



Tia & Laura x

Make Your Own Toy Robot

toy robot tutorial

We’re both big fans of Lamaze toys, and one of Little Button’s very favourite friends from day one has been Rusty the Robot.

He’s been with her on countless adventures – and she likes Rusty so much that I decided to make a robo-replacement so he could have the odd day off. Rather than replicate Rusty’s boyish charm, I decided to make a girl robot.

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A Little Denim Whale Soft Toy

denim whale upcycled into toy


A few weeks ago we were having a bit of a sort out, and both had a pair of jeans that were ready for the charity shop.

After a Pinterest search we came across this gem of a post by www.valaanvillapaita.blogspot.fi for a denim whale soft toy and we fell in love with it. So we gave it a go. He was fun to make and our toddlers love him (although he’s not as professional looking as the original!). We decided to make a mini rattle whale to go along with the daddy for the baby! This cuddly little creature is whaley easy to make (sorry).

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A little Wobbly (Wonky!) Soft toy

wobbly soft toy tutorial

Yesterday I found the remains of a broken soft vibrating toy that got eaten by a mouse a few months back (I know! Finding a pile of destroyed nibbled toys is not a fun moment…). Inside was a little plastic box that shakes when you pull the string. I also had some soft fabric from a baby grow I had when I was little, so I thought I’d try and make Amelie a little cuddly wobbly toy.

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