Baking with Kids: Biscuit Wands

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I was thinking I need to do more baking with Amelie. She’s old enough now, and we don’t do enough of it. Partly because I never know what to make, or I don’t have the ingredients, or the time…. guilt, guilt. But this one is easy, simple ingredients, simple decorating. We made some salt dough magic wands a few weeks ago and they worked so well that I thought I’d try a biscuit version. And – news flash – you can stick a wooden skewer into any biscuit and it makes it extra amazing for kids. Just don’t let them run around with it!

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Homemade Custard Creams

Who doesn’t love a custard cream? I thought I’d have a go at baking a batch, as a birthday present for a custard cream fan.

I followed the recipe from The Great British Bake-Off winner Jo Wheatley’s book A Passion For Baking. You can find a similar recipe by another GBBO winner here.

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