How to Make a Simple Sewing Machine Cover

sewing machine cover little button diaries

I made a sewing machine cover last week (I say last week – as though I just whipped it up on a whim. I started making this sodding thing in February but put it aside when I ran out of bias binding and I haven’t picked it up since). I made it because my sewing machine – much as I love it – has the biggest, ugliest plastic clomp of a cover.

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DIY World Map Ipad Case

world map ipad case tutorial little button diaries craft


 A few years ago, back when I had a life before I had kids, I did a big long adventure across the world with my friend. She asked me a while ago if I could make her a little stitched route map of our trip, so I thought I’d do one and turn it into an ipad case. I loved how easy it was (I know I always say that. But it was really easy – and really speedy too!). Here’s what I did.

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