365 Days of Ups and Downs and a Birthday Cake



Blimey! We made it through the past 365 days, and what a whirlwind it has been. Yesterday my littlest Little Button, Grayson, turned 1. We celebrated with a mini party, with cake, balloons and musical statues (on Harper’s request!). I don’t know if it’s reaching this milestone or the time of year but looking back over the previous year makes me realise that this parenting thing has sure brought a lot of ups and downs. Who knew that negotiating a toddler, a newborn, trying to work, and just getting dressed everyday on no sleep was tricky? I can’t say I’ve been at my finest at times in 2015, and always have that mum-guilt, but adding Grayson into our little family has made me more determined to be bigger and bolder everyday.

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