DIY World Map Ipad Case

world map ipad case tutorial little button diaries craft


 A few years ago, back when I had a life before I had kids, I did a big long adventure across the world with my friend. She asked me a while ago if I could make her a little stitched route map of our trip, so I thought I’d do one and turn it into an ipad case. I loved how easy it was (I know I always say that. But it was really easy – and really speedy too!). Here’s what I did.

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Our Top Five: Toddler Friendly Smartphone Apps


It’s not always easy entertaining toddlers on the run and, whilst we don’t want to sit our little ones in front of a screen for hours on end and are by no means endorsing the use of apps over physical interaction, the odd little smartphone app to keep them occupied when all you really want to do is eat that dessert/park the car/have an actual ‘conversation’ can seem like a lifesaver. Previously I’ve struggled to find recommendations on the best apps but now I think I have a good 5 emergency entertainers on my phone, so I thought I’d share them with you.

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