Hello 100th Post, Goodbye 2013

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Six months ago we began Little Button Diaries as a project to document our crafting & baking efforts and a way to watch our babies, Harper & Amelie, grow up through weekly photographs.

Doing this blog has motivated & inspired us & brought us closer together as friends. We’ve been so lucky to have happy & healthy girls and patient & understanding other-halves, which has enabled us to stay up far too late & get up far too early to work on projects. And we’ve loved every minute!

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A Few of Our Favourite Things

A few of our favourite things

From a craft must-have and a baby delight to bakers’ treats and a photographers’ bible – here are a few of the things that are bringing sparkle into our lives right now (besides our Little Buttons!)1. I was very excited when Lorraine Pascale released her latest book, A Lighter Way To Bake, last week. I’ve been a fan since her first book and she is my cooking goddess. Her recipes are always inventive and delicious, and this book features versions that are lighter in calories or sugar, so it’s a win-win purchase. I’m already working my way through the book, and have bookmarked most of the recipes to try at a later date.

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