Brilliance In Blogging Awards

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It’s that time of year when we smile sweetly at you and ask you for a teeeeeeensy weensy favour to help us with our blog by voting for us in the BiBs! The Brilliance In Blogging Awards are one of the biggest awards in the UK and being shortlisted for an award would mean the world to us.

We’d like your votes for the Art, Craft & Design Award. If you like our blog and the crafts we put up, this is the one we’d like your support with. Most the work we do for our little blog is unpaid and we put our hearts into making lots of nice things, but we’re only a tiny fish in a giant sea of awesome blogs, so sometimes we struggle to be seen! If you like our blog, or us, or are just feeling nice…then here’s what you do:

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The MAD Blog Awards

mad blog awards

Hello everyone! We wondered if we could just bother you for one small moment to ask you the teeniest weeniest little thing. Weeny. It’s awards season and we would so love to be considered for Best Craft Blog at The MAD Blogging AwardsIf you like our blog we would be so grateful if you could take a moment to vote for us.

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