Life in Pictures: Walking with kids

walking little button diaries at high and over (14)

Back in the day before children (BC), I used to love a good walk on a Sunday, especially if it ended up with a big roast dinner and a glass of something alcoholic. Bliss. Now, life is different. We still go on walks, we just don’t get very far. The vision is always far removed from the reality. Our walks are perpetuated with desperate attempts to find things on the way that might make the little lovelies use their feet a bit more, with me acting way over-enthusiastic about things like rabbit poo and twigs. And there is a lot of bribery. But it’s slowly getting a bit easier.

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Life in Pictures

salts playground seaford 1

This week…. erm…. let me think now. Anyone else struggle to remember what they did in the week?? I can never remember any of it! To be honest, we haven’t done much. Its been icy cold and we struggle for ideas with the kids when the weather’s bad. Soft play never really fills me with much excitement. So we’ve mainly been toddling about, taking chilly little trips to our playground. Rock. And. Roll. There is never anyone in there but us, which makes me think we might be missing something…

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