DIY Cardboard Cash Till

cardboard till DIY

My Little Button has hit an age where she loves role-play, especially playing ‘shops’. More specifically, playing the ‘Five Pound Shop’, where she charges £5 for everything from a coffee to a kangaroo. Watching her play the shop keeper is fascinating as she’s really using her imagination. I think I’ve said this at every stage, but this is my favourite stage so far (minus the tantrums). To encourage this, I made a cash till for her shop, so she can keep a note of all her £5 sales.

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Belle & Boo’s Pull Along Duck

pull along duck toy DIY

Belle & Boo has been a favourite brand of ours ever since our Little Buttons were tiny. They produce gorgeous prints, books and, as we discovered recently, sewing guides and fabric. They also publish children’s picture books, which Harper adores: since reading their Yummy Scrummy Day book, she insists on only answering to the name of Boo and hopping up and down asking for carrot cake (Boo is a hungry rabbit).

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Peek-a-Boo Wooden Puzzle

peek a boo wooden puzzle

My Little Button is at an age where wooden puzzles have suddenly become fascinating to her. Her Grandpa and I simultaneously came up with a craft project idea based on her new-found love, to create a customised ‘peek-a-boo’ family puzzle. Grandpa did the hard work of constructing the puzzle, and I added the decoration – so the instructions below are a team effort!

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