Mini Makers: Paper Plate Desk Tidy

paper plate desk tidy - little button diaries

Happy Monday Folks! We do love a craft project that encourages kids to tidy up! This paper plate desk tidy uses decorated plates and can be used to store all Littles ones pens, trinkets and general bits and bobs.

If you like our video then head over to our YouTube channel for more kids crafts and parenting videos. We’re fairly new to making videos but have been trying to channel our inner Blue Peter presenters to improve. If there’s anything you’d like to see us make or talk about then we’d love to know. Otherwise we’ll end up waffling about Custard Creams, Take That and Made In Chelsea!

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A Channel Mum Introduction

Happy Easter everyone! Last month we joined Channel Mum, the first (and friendliest) YouTube community for mums. We’re very happy to be part of this network, which has loads of tips, tricks, recipes and parenting advice from lots of mums. It’s funny, honest and useful – so if you’re a mum and haven’t checked it out yet, you should!

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Easy Gruffalo Mouse Costume


It’s World Book Day on March 3rd and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be panic crafting a costume this weekend! If you’re Gruffalo fans, then we’ve got a no-sew, easy peasy, mouse costume for you. Our video tutorial for Channel Mum shows you how to create a costume using felt, strong double-sided tape (a lot of it!) and a hairband.

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Concertina Card

DIY concertina birthday card

My oldest and one of my loveliest friends, Esther, celebrated her birthday last week so I wanted to make her an extra-special card. I thought the idea of a little package as a card would make a nice surprise in the post. Here’s a little how-to video on how to make it, and the full instructions are below.

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Kids Project: Paracord Bracelet

PARACORD bracelet tutorial

Move over loom bands, paracord is the new kid on the block. Find out how to make this button paracord bracelet with our video tutorial over on the Hobbycraft website!

 ~ Laura & Tia ~