DIY Clay Ring

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago about a DIY crayon ring, I’ve been wanting to wanting to make some air-dry clay jewellery for ages now. So I decided to try making something that combined clay and thread, using the thread to stitch a pattern on the ring. I am actually very happy with how it turned out and it was very easy too! Read on for how to make your own…

clay ring 1You will need:
– Air Dry Clay (I used DAS in white)
– Cocktail stick
– Fine sandpaper/emery
– Varnish
– Needle & thread
– Superglue
– Ring base

1. Begin by rolling out your clay to about 3mm thickness, and cut out a 1 inch square with a knife. I used a ruler for this to ensure accuracy – you could use a template too.

2. With a cocktail stick poke holes along the edge of the square – wiggling the stick to make sure the hole is big enough to fit a needle through. Each side should have 5 holes. Turn the square over to even out the holes from the other side.

clay ring 2

3. Allow the clay to dry out completely before sanding it down with sandpaper to ensure the surface is completely smooth. Varnish the square and leave to dry – make sure the holes do not get blocked by the varnish (you can re-poke with your cocktail stick!)

5. Take a needle and select your preferred thread colour then simply thread the clay in whichever pattern you chose, knotting the end once complete and painting a layer of varnish onto the back to give the thread extra stability.

clay ring 3 clay ring 1

 6. Glue the square of clay into place onto your ring base.

clay ring

Hooray finished!

  ring 3 ring 2

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  6. You have loads of cool cross stitch stuff, I’m defo going to try it in a 3D realm like this or the large sign you have posted too

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