Sparkly Superhero Cape

sparkly superhero cape diy

My Little Button has taken to wearing her bath towel as a superhero cape of late, so I thought I’d make her an actual super ‘H’ cape in case she wanted to practise her superhero skills in public, with clothes on!

You will need:

  • 1/2 metre of fabric for the backing
  • 1/2 metre of fabric for the front
  • Matching felt to the front fabric for the letter

sparkly superhero cape DIY

1. Begin by drawing and cutting out the pattern as above. Place the template on folded fabric. The measurements I used for my 18-month-old were 62cm for the total length of the cape and 34cm for the width at the bottom. The cape gradually gets smaller as it goes up towards the neck.

2. Pin your front and back fabric to the pattern and cut out. Leave a 1cm seam allowance when cutting.

sparkly cape tutorial

3. Snip the top of the neck hole (as per the photo) and round off the edges.

sparkly cape tutorial

4. Design your superhero logo. I used Arial Black for the lettering (size 400), printed it on paper, and cut it out of felt. I printed a star to the size of an A4 sheet of paper and cut this out of the backing fabric.

sparkly cape tutorial

5. Pin the star and letter to the back and centre of the cape and sew in place.

6. Pin the front and back pieces right sides together and sew with a 1cm seam allowance. Leave about 4 inches along the bottom edge for turning the cape the right way out.

sparkly cape tutorial

7. Make small snips around the corners of the cape to help give them a rounded effect.

8. Turn the cape the right way round and slipstitch the opening closed.

sparkly superhero cape DIY

9. Sew a piece of Velcro to the neck tie.

sparkly superhero cape DIY sparkly cape tutorialsparkly cape tutorial

KAPOW! You’re then ready to unleash your superhero in public! Watch out Brighton – Super H is coming for you!

sparkly cape tutorial


~ Laura xx ~

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