Nap Time Crafts: Fabric Kite for Kids

DIY Fabric Kite

Spring has sprung and it’s finally time to get outdoors! I’ve had this project on my to-do list since winter so I was very excited to get started.

For this project you will need:

  • 0.5cm thick dowel
  • Fat quarter of lightweight fabric
  • Ribbon (3mm thick)
  • Super glue
  • String
  •  Kite reel (available from Amazon)
  •  Scraps of felt to match the fabric

1. Begin by cutting your dowel to size. The vertical piece of dowel measured 21 inches and the horizontal piece is 15 inches long.

fabric kite diy

2. Cut a small notch halfway along the horizontal dowel, and two-thirds of the way up the vertical dowel. This is to help the two pieces of dowel stay in place when glued together.

fabric kite diy

3. Add a dab of glue to the notches and glue the pieces of dowel together. Make sure you glue them at right angles and straight, so your kite isn’t wonky. Leave to dry.

fabric kite diy

4. Cut a small groove on the ends of the dowel, for the kite string to fit into.

kids fabric kite diy

5. Thread your string several times around the dowel pieces to create the outer frame of your kite. Add a dab of super glue over the knot to secure it.

diy kite diy kite

6. Lay your fabric right side down and position your frame on top. Then fold the excess fabric over the frame of the kite and secure with super glue.

diy kite diy kite

7. Make a hole in the top and bottom of the vertical piece of dowel and thread a piece of embroidery thread through it. This will be what your kite reel is tied to.

felt bows diy

8. Add the kite tail. I stitched a piece of 3mm thick ribbon to the bottom of the kite. Then I added 8 felt bows to the tail and spaced them 10cm apart. I stitched them in place. To make the bows I followed Tia’s hair bow tutorial.

fabric kite tutorial fabric kite tutorial

9. Finally, tie your kite reel onto the embroidery thread at the back where the two pieces of dowel cross, and get flying.

 fabric kite diy

fabric kite diy fabric kite diy

 My Little Button hasn’t quite mastered the “letting go of the kite to make it fly” thing but she certainly had fun “flying” it!

 ~Laura xx ~