Belle & Boo’s Pull Along Duck

pull along duck toy DIY

Belle & Boo has been a favourite brand of ours ever since our Little Buttons were tiny. They produce gorgeous prints, books and, as we discovered recently, sewing guides and fabric. They also publish children’s picture books, which Harper adores: since reading their Yummy Scrummy Day book, she insists on only answering to the name of Boo and hopping up and down asking for carrot cake (Boo is a hungry rabbit).

Being the lovely people they are, Belle & Boo sent us a copy of their craft book, S is for Sewing to try, so I delved in and spotted this pull-along duck, which is perfect for Grayson as he’s now crawling and starting to totter around. It’s just one of 25 beautifully laid-out and illustrated projects, and there’s something to suit all levels of crafters ranging from whimsical woodland masks to felt cookies and cake for Belle’s bakery.

IMG_2016 IMG_2019

1. The book has a list of materials and a handy duck template for you to follow, but here’s the quick-and-easy version of how we made ours. Begin by cutting out some yellow fleece fabric, as shown below.

duck1 belle and boo pull along duck diy

2. Sew and stuff the wings, and pin the duck right sides together.

belle and boo pull along duck diy belle and boo pull along duck diy

3. Leave the bottom unsewn and pin on the base pieces. Sew, leaving a gap in the middle so it can be packed full of stuffing.

belle and boo pull along duck diy  
4. Once stuffed, insert a cardboard base and sew up the material by hand. Then sew on an orange beak and buttons for the eyes, or sew a little French knot as I have.

belle and boo pull along duck belle and boo pull along duck

5. The book suggests upcycling an old disused toy base for the ‘trolley’ or gives instructions on how to simply construct one. I fancied making a wooden one (shown below). You can get wooden wheels online or from craft shops, and you just need to remember to drill a hole for the string (if you can’t pull it along, you’re left with a sitting duck!).

 Belle and boo pull along duck Belle and boo pull along duck

6.Finally, using strong glue, stick the duck onto the base and tie the string onto the front.

pull along duck toy  belle and boo pull along duck diy belle and boo pull along duck diy IMG_2185belle and boo pull along duck DIY

With this new Belle & Boo obsession from my Little Button (and me), it looks like I may be making everything in this book if Harper gets her way! Next on the list are the finger puppets.

~Laura xx ~