Embroidered Cactus Shoes

DIY Cactus Shoes

You must have noticed that cactus designs seem to be on every item of clothing at the moment. After seeing a pair of adult cactus shoes, I decided to make Harper a mini version by embroidering a cheap pair of pumps from Primark.

You will need:

  • Pair of pumps
  • Green and brown embroidery thread
  • Scrap of card
  • Pen or pencil, needle and pin.

    1. Begin by drawing your cactus templates onto card. Create one template for the front of the shoes and a few smaller ones in a variety of cactus shapes for the sides. Cut these out.

cactus shoes1

2. Pin your templates to the front and outer edge of the shoes and draw around. Remove the template. For the front cactus I flipped the template over so the cacti were mirror images of one another.

cactus shoes2 cactus shoes 3

3. Then simply satin stitch each cactus. Satin stitch is great as you can fill in an area in a block of colour and the stitching has a bit of height to it. Begin by backstitching around the outline of your cactus. Then use a long stitch to go from one side of each branch of the cactus to another, just past the backstitched outline. You want your stitches to be next to each other and as uniform as you can make them.
embroidered cactus shoes diy by little button diaries cactus12

4. Split your brown thread so you are working with 3 strands and add a few spikes across all the cacti.


~ Laura xx ~

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cactus print baby grow diy