Oh hello there! We’re Laura & Tia and this is our little blog, come on in! We share a love of all things creative and spend pretty much all our free time (free! ha!) doing crafty stuff, because it’s what we love to do the most. We set up Little Button Diaries as a way of documenting all the things we make. We have 2 children each (our buttons), so a lot of what we make is either for or with them. And now our blog is like a fifth child to us – we love writing it and thinking of new content and we hope you love it too.


We started the blog whilst on maternity leave with our first kiddies. We found that we were at a limb and, basically, bored. We have always filled our time with crafty stuff but we both had endless piles of unfinished projects with no motivation to finish them. Our blog was our way of making us finish the things we started and record them for our kids and families to see. Becoming mums was very all consuming but we soon found we could still do the things we loved, even if it was only within the space of a short nap.

tia-and-laura  MAD blog awards 1

We’re not keen on projects that take hours to complete – we both made patchwork quilts once, only ONCE. We probably take shortcuts occasionally, we aren’t fond of following patterns and we might not always do things the ‘correct’ way. But it works for us.


We became friends at university, over a decade a go (we are still YOUNG), dodged our Italian classes by hanging out in Topshop and bonded over the fact that, after a year of Italian, we could only just about manage to ask for a cup of tea. We’ve been firm friends ever since, moving down to Brighton where we lived a street away from each other. Sadly Tia has moved to the suburbs so we’re a car journey apart now, but that doesn’t stop us crafting away together most weekends.

Our Favourite Posts

Here are a few of our favourite things: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on… oh hang on, no. Our favourite things we’ve made:

applique-art-little-button-diaries-171 pom pom sandals 7 clay-biscuits-11
cactusshoesdiy2 dress-from-shirt-tutorial-4-2b


cross-stitch-sunnies-10 watermelon5-1 scalloped-clay-necklace-little-button-diaries-10

We hope you like our blog. We always love feedback – what would you like to see more of, and what do you think is rubbish (bear in mind we’re sensitive souls)? All comments and suggestions will fall on very willing ears.

You may not take any images or content from this site without written permission.

 ~ Laura & Tia xx ~

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  1. Wow thank you so much! That has put the BIGGEST smile on my face. It’s so kind that you take the time to read and comment on our blog and now this. Cheesy Biscuit that is lovely of you and we’d love to get to know you. Laura xx

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