DIY Giant Bubbles & Wand

Oh my goodness this could possibly be the most fun project we have ever done! These giant bubbles are AWESOME. Easy to make, quick and endless hours of squealing joy. Even if you don’t have kids (they pop them too quick!). Bear in mind the bubble wand will dribble its goo everywhere so this is one project that is definitely more suited for outdoors. We made a video tutorial for Channel Mum – click to watch above or read on for the full tutorial.

diy giant bubbles and wand

For the wand you’ll need:

About 85in (2.15m) string
Nut or bolt to act as a weight
2 pieces of dowel or wooden chopsticks
2 eye hooks

And for the solution:

1/2 cup washing up liquid
1 tbsp glycerine
1 tsp baking powder
1l water
Large plastic bowl or bucket

1. Screw the eye-hooks into the ends of each dowel/chopstick, then cut 3 pieces of string, one 35in (90cm) long and two 25in (65cm). Take the longer piece and tie each end of the dowel onto the eye hooks.

giant bubbles_3

2. Tie the end of one of the shorter strings onto one dowel hook, and the other string onto the other hook. Tie the ends onto the weight. You should now have a string triangle between the dowels.

giant bubbles_4

3. To make the solution, pour the washing up liquid, baking powder and glycerine into the bowl and mix together. Pour in the water and mix together. Leave to settle or scoop away any foam from the mixture – this will compromise the bubbles as you won’t easily be able to dip the wand in past the foam.

giant bubbles_6

To make the bubbles, hold the two dowels together with the weight hanging down and dip the string slowly into the water. Pull out, open the dowels and blow or move the wand to create your bubbles. So much fun with OR without kids!

diy giant bubbles & wand diy giant bubbles & wand        diy giant bubbles & wand diy giant bubbles & wand

Tia & Laura xx