Hidden Toy Soaps

hidden toy soaps DIY - Little button diaries

For the last few months I’ve had a situation on my hands that I wasn’t sure how to solve. Harper has had a case of the fibs over washing her hands after using the toilet. It’s been the classic case of fibbing where she swears she washed her hands when I know she hasn’t. So, like all good parents, I needed to think of a way to bribe her – but I’d exhausted the use of stickers and reward charts. Then, like an evil genius, I had a cunning plan to put her toys into soap because she’d want to wash her hands to get them out!

I’d always thought making soap was tricky until Tia made these bunny ones. Seriously, making soap is so much easier than you think.

You will need:

  • Square silicon mould
  • Small plastic toys (that fit into the mould)
  • 1kg clear melt and pour soap
  • Essential oils
  • Glitter

hidden toy soap DIY - little button diaries

1. Cut the melt and pour soap into chunks using a sharp knife. In small batches, put into a bowl and melt in a microwave for 20 seconds at a time until completely melted.

hidden toy soap DIY - little button diaries

2. Add in any essentials oils and glitter and stir together.

3. Pour the melted mixture into the mould filling them half way. Pop the toy into the soap. Remember that the bottom of the soap will actually be the top of the soap once it’s hardened. Fill the remainder of the mould up and tap the mould to release any air bubbles and remove any froth from the top. Add a bit more glitter to finish.

hidden toy soap DIY - little button diaries

4. Leave the soap until it’s hardened and remove from the moulds.


So my evil plan worked on one level. Harper LOVED the soaps and wanted to use them straight away in the bath. She then spent a long time trying to get Twilight Sparkle out of her soap and refused to get of the bath until the toy had been released.


~ Laura xx ~