Craftmas: 3 No-Sew Holiday Garlands by Art Camp

NS Garland_15

We’re absolutely thrilled that it’s the 1st of December and we can finally unwrap Craftmas!! We’ve been working over the last few months with an amazing bunch of crafters to bring you 15 kids craft projects for Christmas. You can find all the projects via our Instagram!

Now here’s the fun bit, instead of putting up our own project, we’ve all swapped DIYs. These 3 no-sew holiday garlands are by the very talented Arielle from Art Camp. We are Arielle’s biggest fan, as her craft projects and Instagram feed are without a doubt the best we’ve seen. Without further ado, over to you, Arielle!

“The most wonderful time of year is also the busiest time of year, so I wanted to share a quick and easy, but still oh so pretty, holiday decor project: the No-Sew Garland! It is chic, festive design on a dime, done in half the time… try saying that 5x fast!”

NS Garland_2


You will need:

  • Felt squares in assorted colours
  • Tree and star template
  • Marker
  • Small sheet of cardboard
  • Sharp pair of scissors or fabric shears
  • Hot glue gun
  • Embroidery thread, twine, or yarn

1. Print out your tree template and start to lay out your color scheme.

NS Garland_3

2. Cut out your desired tree shape and trace it onto a small piece of cardboard. Please note that tracing your shape onto cardboard is not necessary if you print your templates out on a thick piece of card stock. If you are using basic copier paper, I would suggest tracing the shape onto cardboard, especially when working with little ones, because the sturdier shape is easier for them to trace. Trace your tree shape onto your felt squares with a marker. Once you have 12+ shapes on your felt, start cutting!

NS Garland_4 NS Garland_4b

  1. Add a drop of hot glue to the top of your felt tree and attach the tree to the hanging thread. Repeat these steps until your tree garland is complete.

NS Garland_5 NS Garland_6 NS Garland_7 NS Garland_8

4. Now that you know the routine, it is time to move on to your star garland!

NS Garland_9b

  1. By now you may be feeling like a pro. If so, try laying one of your felt stars on top of your square and cut along the outside edge of your star. This will save you some steps/time. When you have cut out all of your star shapes, attach them following the same steps as garland 1.

NS Garland_10 NS Garland_11

6. Look at all those pretty scraps! Let’s not let them go to waste! Introducing… the Scrap Garland! I think I’m in love.

NS Garland_12

7. Look at how pretty all 3 look grouped together!

NS Garland_13

8. Time to find the perfect spot to hang these beauties!

NS Garland_14

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY. If you are looking for more art+craft+DIY inspiration, visit or come say ‘hi’ to me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Happy Craftmas!!



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