Make your own Fuzzy Felt Activity Board

felt 9

Remember Fuzzy Felt?! Hours of fun (ok, maybe not quite hours) sticking little felt people and shapes onto boards to make pictures. My toddler has reached an age now when all she wants to do is make/paint/build/destroy stuff. That’s where we are at the moment. So I thought I would have a go at making my own fuzzy felt activity board. Amelie loves it, and the best thing is that its mess free!

You will need:
Assorted felt sheets
contrasting fabric
bias binding tape
Thick card
PVA glue.

1. Begin by cutting a thick piece of card to the size you want your felt board to be. Glue the card and stick felt in place to create a background scene. The edges do not need to be that neat.

felt 1 felt 2

 2) Glue the reverse of the board, attach some contrasting fabric and smooth down. To cover the edge of the board, glue on bias binding (in the same way you would sew it on).

felt 4 felt 5

3) draw and cut various shapes, figures and objects from scraps of felt. Fun bit! To strengthen the shapes, glue each onto a large piece of felt and, when these are dry, cut out.

felt 6

All finished, ready to entertain your toddler for at least 8 minutes. That’s enough time to drink a cup of tea!

felt 7 felt 8

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Tia xx

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  1. I loved fuzzy felt and want to make a fuzzy felt scene for my new story sack. I didn’t realise it was just felt on felt, thought the ‘background’ was something else, for some reason! Sorted, thank you!

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