A Dinky Dinosaur Tag Toy

dinosaur tag toy DIY

My dear friend Esther recently gave birth to a beautiful son, and I wanted to greet his arrival with a handmade present – so I decided to make him this dinky dinosaur tag toy. I adapted the look and pattern from one I remember seeing in a craft magazine ages ago (sorry, I can’t remember which magazine!).

For this project you will need:

  • 3 different thicknesses of ribbon (20cm long each)
  • Bells or rattle
  • Green fabric (I used large pieces of scraps)
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Toy stuffing

Dinosaur toy pattern

1. Begin by cutting out your pattern. You need to cut two body pieces, four leg pieces and one tummy piece.

dinosaur toy diy

2. Next cut your spikes. Cut two of your thickest ribbons 10cm long. Cut two of your medium size ribbon 7.5cm long and four pieces of your thinnest ribbon 5cm long.

dinosaur toy diy

3. Pin the ribbons onto one of the body pieces with the largest ones at the top and getting progressively thinner. Space them out as evenly as you can. Point the ribbons downward so when you turn the dinosaur the right way out, they are sticking up. Next, pin the other body piece of fabric on top right sides together. Sew with a quarter-inch seam allowance starting at the tail and ending at the neck.

dinosaur toy diy

4. Make small cuts in the corners to ease them out. Turn the body the right way out.

dinosaur toy DIY

5. Pin the tummy piece to the bottom of the body pieces and sew, leaving a 5cm gap so the dinosaur can be stuffed. Make small snips along the seam on any curves.

Dinosaur toy DIY Dinosaur toy DIY

6. To make the legs, begin by folding and pinning each leg right sides together. Sew around the curved edges leaving a small gap for turning. Next, fold each corner of the leg diagonally and sew across. This gives a base to the legs so the dinosaur will stand up. Repeat with the other three legs and turn them the right way out.

dinosaur soft toy tutorial IMG_7218

7. To get the positioning even, sew the legs into place before stuffing. Then stuff the body and legs of the dinosaur and add any bells/rattles into the middle of the body. Sew up the holes using white thread and slip stitch.

dinosaur soft toy tutorial

8. Embroider on a cheeky face. Use French knots for the eyes and backstitch for the smile.

DIY Dinosaur toy


 ~ Laura xx ~

16 thoughts on “A Dinky Dinosaur Tag Toy

  1. I absolutely love love this! My mom has been teaching me to sew and just bought me my very first sewing machine. My kids would love this. I made my first stuffed toy last month it was an owl. So hopefully I could master this one it’s so cute. Thank you so much for the tutorial on it and sharing. Looks great! Be a great present for someone too! :)

  2. It looks amazing. I am really impressed! I am a complete beginner when it comes to sewing. In my head, what I make looks like this little beauty, but in reality, they look a lot more ‘rough’! I just wrote about a teddy bear we made with the kids, have a look if you need a laugh 😉 Your little dinosaur is going straight in my sewing board.

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