Mini Makers: Natural Paintbrushes

nature paintbrush 5

We got a whiff of sunshine and warmer weather yesterday after a totally grey May so far, so after dinner we did a little outdoor crafting in the sun. Harper is a hoarder of leaves, stones, flowers – basically anything she can stuff in her pockets/bag when we’re out. So after going through all her coat pockets we had a nice collection of natural bits and bobs. We threw in some paint and experimented using natural finds as ‘paintbrushes’.

You will need:

  • A collection of leaves, twigs, stones, pinecones
  • Child-friendly paint in a variety of colours
  • Large sheets of paper

nature paintbrushes 1

  1. To make the rainbow twigs, squirt a line of paint in the order of a rainbow onto a stick with your piece of paper underneath. Then turn the stick over and scrape it in an arch onto the paper to create a rainbow. Apply more paint to create more rainbows.

nature paintbrushes 2 IMG_3041

2. For the flower painting, squirt small amounts of paint onto your flowers and then use them as you would a paintbrush. We played around with splatting them on the paper and moving them across the page in different patterns.

nature paintbrushes 3 nature paintbrush 4

3. With the remaining stones, pinecones and leaves we squirted paint onto them and played around with rolling, flipping and moving them around the paper to see what markings they created!

nature paintbrush 6

This was such a simple activity that left us with three different pieces of art for the wall and then some multicoloured pinecones, stones and twigs that will no doubt be crafted into something else!

Over on our Instagram account, Get Creative With, our new theme this week is Natural Finds. Our new guest judge, Make_it_your_own, will be picking her favourites next Wednesday. All you need to do is tag your nature-inspired crafts with #getcreativewith

~ Laura & Tia xx ~