DIY Desk Organiser

DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

Since beginning the blog back in 2013, I’ve been crafting out of our dining room and using the dining table as a desk/storage space/dumping ground. The kids have had to eat dinner around wet papier-mache helmets, giant dinosaur pinatas and more felt than you can shake your tail feather at!

With Harper heading off to school and Grayson now doing half a week at nursery, it felt like the right time to get organised and be a proper grown up with a desk. This way, the kids can eat tea and actually see across the table, and I get to have a Little Buttons workspace.

As the desk is tucked in the corner of the dining room and is small, I wanted to make an organiser to keep my desk tidy and not covered in clutter! This will be the tidiest the desk will ever be!

You will need:

  • MDF (50cm x 60cm)
  • Piece of dowel (1cm thick)
  • Circular pot (a large yoghurt pot works well)
  • Foam board (A3 size)
  • Cork Duck Tape
  • Spray paint in three colours
  • Glue gun
  • Masking or painters tape
  • Sandpaper

DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

  1. To make the corner pocket, cut a piece of MDF to 21cm x 30cm, shaping one of the edges into a near-triangle. Cut two side panels measuring a thickness of 2cm. Use a glue gun to attach the side panels to the front and then the whole thing onto the bottom right of the board. If you aren’t able to cut the MDF, foam board makes a great alternative, but it isn’t as sturdy.

DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

2. Cut the piece of dowel into three 4cm pieces and smooth the rough edges with sandpaper. Glue in a line 4cm down from the top of the board, spacing them 4cm apart.

3. To make the top pocket, cut a square out of foam board measuring 12cm and cut three side panels measuring 2cm wide and glue together using a glue gun. Once the glue has set, spray with spray paint and glue onto the top left-hand corner of the board.

DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

4. Use painters tape to mark out your design and spray. Leave to dry and remove the tape. Spray the circular pot with a few coats of paint.
DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

5. To make the cork board triangles, cut differently sized triangles out of foam board. Cover the front and sides in cork Duck Tape.

DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

6. Glue the pen pot, small pocket and cork board onto the board and get organised!
DIY Desk organiser - little button diaries

If you’ve been crafting for a while, you’ll already have a glue gun. But if you’re like Tia and me and have only just discovered them, then welcome to the party! We both have this glue gun and it’s seriously improved our crafting lives, so we thought we’d share our love for it with you guys!

Laura x