Cross Stitch Sunglasses Case

cross stitch sunglasses case

It’s SUNNY! No, wait. It’s raining again. Maybe let’s just put sunglasses on and pretend it’s summer shall we? Last week I finally finished my cross stitch sunglasses case. I started it just at the start of the summer (ahem…last year), so it’s been on my complete-when-sunny pile. There’s not much else on the pile to be honest. I’ve never done cross stitching before so this was a trial and error, but I think it worked out quite nicely.

You will need:

  • 12 x 40cm outer fabric
  • 12 x 40cm lining fabric
  • 8 x 15cm muslin or thin piece of fabric
  • 8 x 15cm fusible webbing
  • Embroidery hoop
  • embroidery thread
  • sew on poppers
  1. Take the piece of outer fabric and fold in half across the width and press – this is so you can see the halfway point in the fabric, which will become the bottom of the case. Copy the sunglasses pattern below onto the piece of muslin in pencil (or fabric pen). Use a ruler and line it up centrally in the fabric. Line up the pattern so that it is on the reverse of one side of the folded fabric, in the centre. Fuse it in place using fusible webbing.

sunglasses cross stitch

  1. Place the fabric into an embroidery hoop. Cut an arm’s length of embroidery thread and pull the strands apart so that they are half thickness. Knot the end of the embroidery thread and use a needle to sew it onto the pattern, from the back. Go from the corners of each square to create an X on the front of the fabric. This takes time, but it’s the perfect sofa-evening job. I actually did lots of mine in the car which is good until it makes your tummy feel a bit wobbly…

cross stitch sunnies 1

  1. Pin the outer and lining fabric rights sides together. Sew together at both narrow ends using a 1cm seam allowance – you’ll now have a hoop of fabric. Press out the seams.

cross stitch sunnies 4

  1. Turn the fabric inside out and lay it flat so that one side is the outer and one side is the lining fabric. The sewn seams should be lined up centrally. Press flat, then pin all the way along the raw edges of the fabric. Sew together with a 1cm allowance, leaving a 6cm gap for turning on the lining fabric. Turn out.

cross stitch sunnies 6

  1. Fold and press the hole in. Pin and slip stitch to seal the gap. This is going to be on the inside so it doesn’t need to be toooo neat. cross stitch sunnies 11Push in the lining fabric and press the whole thing flat. Hand sew some poppers inside the opening of the case.

cross stitch sunnies 8

Now add your favourite sunnies and wait for the sun to get his hat on (and wait… and wait…)
cross stitch sunnies 10

Tia x

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