Mini Makers: Pipe Cleaner Necklaces

pipe cleaner necklaces

We went to a birthday party recently that had a bouncy castle and a craft table – so it was basically the kids’ party of dreams! I headed straight over to the craft table whilst the kids went for a bounce, and there was a four-year-old girl busily making a creation out of pipe cleaners and feathers. Turns out she was making a necklace, which I thought was the cleverest idea I’d ever heard! When we got home later, Harper and I had a go at making them ourselves. We even added a velcro fastening to our necklaces so they can easily be removed… so I didn’t totally steal a small girl’s idea, honest!

You will need:

  • 2 pipe cleaners per necklace
  • Beads and mini pom poms
  • Craft feathers
  • Trimmings – ric rac, pom pom, sequins
  • Scraps of felt
  • Stick-on velcro
  • Strong glue

pipecleanernecklace1 pipe cleaner necklace 2

  1. Overlap the pipe cleaners by roughly 2cm at one end and twist together, making sure the sharp ends are well hidden. Bend the pipe cleaners into a U shape.

pipe cleaner necklace 3

2. Then get creative with your trimmings. Harper decided which trimmings she wanted on which necklace, and then I used a glue gun to attach them. You could use double-sided tape instead of glue if you wanted the project to be more kid-friendly.

pipe cleaner necklaces 13pipe cleaner necklaces 15

3. When you have added all the decorations you want, make your necklace fastening. Cut two felt rectangles to 1.5 x 1 inch. Glue one end of the pipe cleaner on top of one piece of felt and the other underneath. Stick your pieces of velcro on top of the pipe cleaners to conceal the sharp ends. Leave the glue to dry.

pipe cleaner necklace 4 pipe cleaner necklace 5
pipe cleaner necklace6

4. Voila! It’s as simple as that. The possibilities are endless and it’s a really good way to use up odd bits of trimmings.

pipe cleaner necklaces 12

Thanks Emily for your truly inspiring craft idea!

~ Laura xx ~